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Railway Fleet Management Solution
The BES-2360 system is a controller of the network topology on a moving train system. This includes wireless LAN, GPS and GPRS connections, as well as the firewall, DHCP server on local LAN, and NAT service. The BES-2360 system has two overall responsibilities.
  • Gathering data and distribute data to other local network devices within the train compartment or a station that the train parked.
  • Maintaining and testing a connection to an external network system.
  • The BES-2360 System comprises an Intel® D510 engine board (1.6GHz) and 2GB RAM, runnung a proprietary ubuntu Linux System upon a 16GB Compact Flash.
  • The network pool comes with four 10/100 FE ports specifically design with lock type M12 connectors for extreme safety against vibration, and also three RF devices, such as GPRS, GPS, and 802.11b/g WiFi.
  • The controlling interfaces are through three pure RS-232 and four proprietary RS-422 ports (+12V powered for remote devices).
  • BES-2360 is powered by a 50W internal power supply with ignition function, safely protected against reverse voltage, over voltage, by using a lock type connector.
  • All ports and devices come with an indication at front side, controlled by software, for system status report purpose.
  • All these are accommodated within a standard 2U rack-mount chassis, and secured at an onboard rack.
    The BES-2360 system complies with the following standards:
- IP40
- EN50155: EN50155: Railway applications, Electronic Equipment on Rail Vehicles.
- EN61373 (Category 1, Class B): EN61373: Railway applications- Rolling stock equipment.
- Shock and vibration tests.
The BES-2360 System development is finished within 4 months, including several system specification reviews and changes. Massive amount of time is spent mostly upon specification confirmation, including chassis IP design, Input and Output function verification, and software development. Production phase is mainly focused on vibration requirement achievement and electrical Hi-Pot test, regulated upon 500V for 3 seconds at each power input port.
Results and Benefits
  • This assignment is completed at Bestek engineering and production group.
  • BES-2360 system is designed, verified, tested and manufactured at Bestek.
  • Bestek worked purely as an out-sourced party. This allows customer to save tons of time and money invested to set up an internal engineering team for such a long process.
  • The total shipped quantity is 360 at a time.




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