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IP Surveillance Securty Solution
What customer wants?

Site surveillance is no longer expensive and complicated now! Our IP surveillance solution provides professional office and warehouse monitoring system with low cost of wiring and high efficiency. It is an IP based systematic application platform, which combines remote video capture, transfer, storage, playback and command application. It creates a platform for the control location and commanded center to manage the surveillance and immediate communication.

Besides, it supports various commands for the top-down hierarchy, which allows users to centralize the surveillance, video recording, alarm motion, management as well as resources-sharing so that they can easily enlarge their IP surveillance network. Indeed, ti is popularly applied in the different industries nowadays, including public utilities, banks, police stations, educational and business sectors etc.

  • Use the existing IP netwprk for connection
    It can compatible with the existing IP network for connection, thru LAN or WAN, to monitor the selected sites.
  • Alarm Reporting System
    If there is any unusual movement during specific period, the system will initiate actions according to pre-set action, including starting recording of video, alarm lighting notice and pop-up of the video to the main monitoring screen etc.
  • 24 Hours Digital Recording
    Users can record many channels of surveillance signal for the whole days locally and remotely. It allows users to search and playback the local or distant video easily by time, surveillance location or alarm.
  • Remote Control Management
    It provides online equipment management, including registration, testing, network management and the work status of each single equipment. Users can remote control the equipment in each monitor point, including the configuration setup, Pan/Tilt/Zoom of camera and setup alarm parameters.
  • Real-time Emergency Instruction
    Control center can conduct real time audio conferencing, transport of video or image to district control center for analysis and make strategic decision on the current situation.
  • Other Advantages
- Different cameras can be installed for any environments.
- Multiple site surveillance thru single user interface.
- Easily expands with your security or monitoring requirement.
- Provide video image storage for different center or mobile user.




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