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Residential Utility Sub-metering Management Solution
The RDL remote data logger is a data logger for the sub+metering system with security device, interfacing to the wireless network for collection of utility consumption data, stores the collected data, and transfers the data to a remote billing server for bill generation.
Key Features
  • Logs data for up to 2000 individually managed meters
  • Stores 90 days worth of meter reads per individual meter
  • Logs data for gas, water, electric, and run-time meters
  • Time stamps incoming data
  • LAN (RJ45) connection for direct PC connection
  • The RDL System comprises an AMD LX800 ETX engine board (500MHz) and 512MB RAM, running a proprietary Debian Linux System upon a 1GB Compact Fiash.
  • The ETX module is secured upon a custom made carrier board that is designed to be powered by a 12VAC security type power adaptor, monitored by a 4x20 character type LCM, and is also ready to dock a socket type security RF device (MODEM, WiFi, GPRS, etc.).
  • The ETX module comes with only one 10/100 FE controller, and the carrier board extends to hold another 10/100 FE chip to comply the specification for minimum two 10/100 FE controllers. VGA and COM1 are reserved as DB15 female type and DB9 male type, respec tively; while other COM ports are available as screw type terminal for better system installation purpose.
  • The 4x20 LCM comes with five individual buttons for software navigation.
  • Two Type-A USB ports are reserved for system maintenance.
  • The ABS enclosure is made for wall-mount installation through two anchors, and is specifically designed with three different pieces as base cover, maintenance cover, and top cover, ect., for different monitoring phases.
The RDL System development is finished within 4 months, primarily focused on the carrier board design, including schematics design, mechanical parts verification, power plan verification, function verification, and EMI verification. Production phase covers parts assembly, BIOS information loading, software loading, function test.
Results and Benefits
  • Bestek engineering group covers the design and verification of carrier board, allowing customer to utilize the existing ETX CPU module for reducing total amount of time and money invested in the product development.
  • RDL system is designed, verified, tested, and manufactured at Bestek.
  • Bestek follows customer' s software development for upgrade, update, and changes as time goes by.
  • The total shipped quantity is 200 at a time.




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